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Universetalent 2003

20. 6. 2008

ObrazekThe Final evening of Universetalent Prague 2003 took place on Saturday, October 25, in Pyramida Hotel in Prague. There were 13 contestants chosen from 185 entried singers.
Both main Prizes of the final of the 5th year of Universetalent festival were won by Tracy Hill, 26 years old teacher from Atlanta, who performes under the name of Sbuttaflyy. She obtained 2500 USD for first place in Best Singer category and 1500 USD for Best Song, which was written by her and her friend Michael Wade and it is called Rocking Tha Sheets. Visitants of the festival were impressed by her too so she obtained Audience award as well.
Very successfull was also Marta Maslowska, who is from Poland and she is eighteen. She was awarded second place and Journalist Award.
On the third place was Rafa Ferra, young singer and composer from Spain.
As guests appeared Czech popular singers Alice Springs, Alice Konecna, Marketa Poulickova and Holki group.


The winners were:

The Best Singer

1st prize - Tracy Hill (SButtaflyy) (USA)
with song Rocking Da Sheets

2nd prize
Marta Maslowska (Poland)

3rd prize
Rafa Ferrá (Spain)

The Best Song

Audience Award

Journalist Award

Tracy Hill
song Rocking Da Sheets (USA)

Tracy Hill (USA)

Marta Maslowska


Foto Name Age Country  
Stefan Mitrof 30 Bugaria  
Sean Wong 28 Singapore  
Rafa Ferrá 30 Spain  
Marta Maslowska 18 Poland  
Minna Lasanen 33 Finland  
Kristina 15 Australia  
Natasha and Charlene Grima 24, 19 Malta   
Tracy Hill 26 USA  
Linas Adomaitis 27 Lithuania  
Shelli Layne Brown 19 USA  
Angelina Aleksandrovna 29 Kazakhstan  
Zuzana Dovalová 16 Czech Republic  
Mina Lazarevič 28 Serbia  

The jury members:

name country  
Miloš Skalka Czech Republic Journalist, DJ, Speaker of the Jury
John Capek Canada Composer, Chairman of the Jury
Jo-Ann Franchi USA Director of Golden Magnolia festival
Ivan Chandler Great Britain Independent UK Music Publisher
Ande Päiväläinen Finland Owner and managing director of Taurus Music
Murat Igraliyev Kazakhstan Director of Voice of Aisa festival
Jorge Corante USA Composer
Tess Taylor USA Founder and Director of NARIP
Michael Jay USA Composer
Claire Sinnet USA Hollywood Casting Director
Alan Roy Scott USA Composer
Maire Maloney Ireland Founder of Cavan Festival
Ivan Rösler Czech Republic Director of Entertainment Department of NOVA TV
Karel Svoboda Czech Republic Composer
Ondřej Soukup Czech Republic Composer
Petr Šiška Czech Republic Lyricist
Vladimír Bár Czech Republic Music Selector of Cesky Rozhlas 1-Radiozurnal radio
Luděk Malár Czech Republic President od Universetalent Prague festival
Kamil Spáčil Czech Republic Head of Entertainment Department of Prima TV

The Journalist jury:

name country  
Stanislava Zajícová Czech Republic Právo daily
Sandra Bursáková Czech Republic Bravo magazine
Vladimír Sysel Czech Republic Blesk daily
Jitka Benešová Czech Republic Idependent journalist
Alexander Palace Poland Polish TV
Monika Veselá Czech Republic Mlady svet magazine
Milena Rychtářová Czech Republic Kvety magazine

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