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Universetalent 2004

20. 6. 2008

ObrazekThe Final evening of Universetalent Prague 2004 took place on Saturday, November 6, in Pyramida Hotel in Prague. There were 12 contestants, therefrom 2 duets, chosen from 198 entried singers.
The main Prize of the final of the 6th year of Universetalent festival won duet Charles Mark from Sri Lanka, they obtained 2500 USD for first place in Best Singer category. Marzhan Arapbayeva from Kazakhstan was on second place and the song "Dream", traditional Kazakh song, performed by her was awarded 1500 USD as the Best Song of the festival.
Very successfull was also Luca Sepe from Italy, he was awarded third place and Journalist Award. Visitants of the festival were impressed by Ivana Poláčková, she obtained Audience Award.
As guests appeared Czech popular singers, Tom Malar, Daniela Šinkorová, Hynek Svrček and main guest of the festival Alice Konečná.

The winners were:

The Best Singer

1st prize
Charles - (Sri Lanka)

1st prize
Mark - (Sri Lanka)


2nd prize
Marzhan Arapbayeva (Kazakhstan)

3rd prize
Luca Sepe (Italy)


The Best Song

Audience Award

Journalist Award

Marzhan Arapbayeva
Dream (Kazakhstan)

Ivana Poláčková (Slovakia)

Luca Sepe (Italy)


Alice Konečná Alice Konečná & JAD Company Tom Malar

Daniela Šinkorová Hynek Svrček Handing over the prizes


After Party Friday evening

Welcomming dinner Trip to Konopistě castle



Basic information

UNIVERSETALENT PRAGUE is the International Music Festival for talented singers from all around the world. The Contest has two categories - Best Singer and Best song of the festival. Most of participants of our festival are the winners of national festivals of young and talented singers from all around the world. Czech Republic is represented by the winner of national contest called ZLÍNTALENT. First edition of the Universetalent festival took place in November 1999 in Prague's Lucerne Hall.

How to enter the Universetalent Prague festival?
Group of contestants is being chosen from young people from all over the world who send their recordings /CD,MC,MD,MP3/ together with CV, photo and entering fee 100 USD to our adress:

Sevcovska 3246
760 01 ZLIN


1st place - the best singer 2.500 USD, statuette (symbol of the Universetalent contest) and a diploma
1st place - the best song of the festival 1.500 USD, statuette and a diploma
Audience Award  
Journalist Jury Award  



Luca Sepe 27 years Italy contest song (mp3, 1.01 MB)
Chrisie Santoni 31 years USA contest song (mp3, 970 kB)
Lara Azzopardi 19 years Malta contest song (mp3, 1.14 MB)
Kym Sympson 18 years Ireland contest song (mp3, 753 kB)
Lenka Seligová 29 years Slovakia contest song (mp3, 1.1 MB)
Agata Zaluska 20 years Poland contest song (mp3, 1.08 MB)
duet CharlesMark 28,27 years Sri Lanka contest song (mp3, 997 kB)
duet Mania 28,29 years Bulgaria contest song (mp3, 974 kB)
Amberlife 21 years Lithuania contest song (mp3, 872 kB)
Dzimi Barka 30 years Serbia and Montenegro contest song (mp3, 1.03 MB)
Marzhan Arapbayeva 26 years Kazakhstan contest song (mp3, 1.09 MB)
Ivana Poláčková 18 years Slovakia contest song (mp3, 1.14 MB)
Markéta Poulíčková 16 years Czech Republic contest song (mp3, 1.14 MB)


International Jury

Miloš Skalka CZ Journalist, DJ, Chairman of the Jury
Ivan Rössler CZ Director of Entertainment Depart. of Nova Tv
Karel Svoboda CZ Composer
Petr Šiška CZ Lyricist
Kamil Spáčil CZ Headof Entertainment Department of Prima Tv
John Capek CAN Composer
Michael Jay USA Composer
Jorge Corante USA Composer
Alan Roy Scott USA Composer
Maire Maloney IRL Founder of Cavan festival
Murat Irgaliyev KZ Director of Voice of Asia Festival
Elijus Romanovas Lithuania Director of International song contest "Vilnius"
Dragiša Banjanin Serbia Director of International festival Sunflower in Zrenjanin
Dono Tsvetkov Bulgaria Director of International Music fest.Discovery


Journalist jury

Sandra Bursáková CZ BRAVO magazine
Luděk Khebl CZ ROCK&POP magazine
Šárka Malínková CZ MUZIKUS magazine
Stanislava Zajícová CZ PRÁVO daily
Vladimír Bár CZ ČESKÝ ROZHLAS 1- Radiožurnál radio
Alexandr Palace Poland POLISH TV
Jitka Benešová CZ Independent journalist
Vladimír Sysel CZ BLESK daily
Josef Vinař CZ IMPULS radio

The Best Singer

1st prize
Charles - (Sri Lanka)

1st prize
Mark - (Sri Lanka)


2nd prize
Marzhan Arapbayeva (Kazakhstan)

3rd prize
Luca Sepe (Italy)


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